Disaster Claims

Disaster Claims

Has your insurance claim been denied following the devastation of a natural disaster? Has the insurance company offered a settlement far below the actual value of your property? Have you accepted an unfair settlement?

Its Not Too Late…

The members of Strickland & Kendall have not limited their legal experience to just injury, death and class actions claims. As a result of the tragic tornadoes that plagued the State in 2011, a separate entity was formed to address only disaster claims due to the large number of claims that were being underpaid by insurance companies. With offices in Mobile and Montgomery; Strickland & Kendall was formed to exclusively represent businesses and individuals that suffered a property loss from tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes or other natural disasters as well as damages and losses from fires throughout the United States.

The Disaster Recovery Attorneys

We know your rights when it comes to filing insurance claims for damages from natural disasters. If you have accepted a settlement for commercial or residential property damage, you still have rights if you were not paid a fair claim. Even if you think you’ve already received the limits of your insurance policy for your storm damage or fire claim, you may still be entitled to receive additional money. If you are having trouble getting your insurance company to agree to a fair settlement, or if you think the settlement they paid was less than you were due, we can provide you with a free analysis of your property damage claim.

We Can Help!

For any questions relating to disaster claims please call 8008743528 or click here for more information on how we can help you. Regardless of where you are in the process of filing a claim, the Disaster Recovery Attorneys can advise you on how to protect your rights, ensure your insurance company takes you seriously and demand they honor the commitments they made when they sold you a policy.

At Strickland & Kendall, L.L.C. we have your interests in mind and will work to establish liability and preserve your credibility. Our experience is here to benefit you. Call us immediately at (800) 874-3528 or (334) 269-3230. You may also fill out the contact form and we will respond to you promptly.

We will review your case for free and there is never a fee unless we recover for you.

Strickland & Kendall have offices in Mobile and Montgomery, AL but represent clients across the United States.

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