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Michael Strickland | Personal Injury, Products Liability Lawyer | Montgomery | Strickland and Kendall, LLCExperience and results are a must in hiring the right attorney.

Since 1994, Michael Strickland has represented persons and families having legal claims from almost every state in the U.S. With a long and distinguished career, Michael has been achieving positive jury verdicts and substantial financial settlements for serious personal injury, product liability, prescription drug and insurance based claims. Most settlements are confidential due to the nature and size of the award. Michael has also protected the rights of the families of those whose wrongful death was caused by fatal accidents, negligent medical care and defective products.

Not all firms are the same.

While many firms claim to be wrongful death, personal injury, car, bus and truck wreck attorneys, Michael and his firm from the first day of practicing law began representing people who had been injured or suffered a death in the family due to the wrongful actions of other people, companies and product manufacturers. In addition to Michael’s practice of the law, he has been hired as a consultant on wrongful death bus crashes from around the US and by some of the same automobile manufactures he and his firm obtained financial settlements against for his clients.

Michael has extensive litigation experience involving class action suits against cellular phone providers, personal finance and banking institutions, oil and gas producing companies, and tax preparation companies.

In addition, Michael and the firm have vast experience representing individuals and businesses which have suffered property damages and business losses from fires, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes and other natural disasters. This is a very unique part of law and Michael and the firm have developed a great reputation in representing the firm’s clients against the Insurance industry with favorable outcomes.

Every case needs a knowledgeable attorney.

It is imperative that injured victims and their families choose the right attorney to represent them in their claim. It is important that the attorneys have the background and experience to handle complex litigation matters. If you choose the wrong attorney without the real experience and background, you could end up settling your case for a fraction of the actual value.

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